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eve computer №1 — aesthetically pleasing PC brand.

by Michael Sharanda
Published on November 2016


The new one had to be an example of a good sense of style in IT and don’t get outdated. Among the dozens of attempts, I’ve come up with this version, at first:

Custom typeface in classic French Didot style with modern geometrical perfection.

Until now, this is my favorite option. I believe it could look very different and memorable out from all other tech companies;

But the client found this logo a bit too fashion and in general wasn’t sure if it’s a right direction. So I’ve continued. That lead me to a new logo option, that was based on an extremely simple custom geometry type with a triangle in the middle that resembles to the letter V and at the same time represents a marketing idea.

Everyone immediately fell in love with the new symbol. It’s felt very techy, modern and fit with the company’s strategy.

Landing page

Before the launch of a new device, we had to raise awareness. I’ve built an inspirational landing website that teases a concept of the device a little.

The cool thing about it is how the device slides out based on page scroll, but you can’t see it:

Desktop image

For the main product representation I wanted a picture on a completely black background that immerse with device’s bezels and creates a feeling of bezel-less display. It has to have highly saturated colours and sharp details to show the quality of the display.

An alien planet or a plant?

I’ve used a 3D software to generate an abstract object. Small particles all around the object makes it look highly realistic. Emerald and cyan color combination creates a feeling of something futuristic and out of this place.

Sharp and saturated.

Product launch

For better product demonstration I’ve arranged a lifestyle photo-shooting, device render angle references and render post processing.