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Michael Sharanda

the story of my life


Invited to lead design direction of an innovative audio electronic company called “crazybaby”.

Developed a brand design language, redesigned identity, mobile apps, the website, print materials, build up a design team and organized cooperation process with partners, sales and marketing teams.


Alcatel is a legendary name in the mobile industry. I've joined Product Experience and Innovation team to lead product experience design of smartphone business. Our team was working closely with CMO, engineers and marketing departments. We were providing guidelines, feature concepts, visual design and building dynamic prototypes for upcoming products.


Dmajor – is a fast growing international digital agency. I was thrilled to join them as a Senior Designer to work on projects for Google, YouTube, Android, Samsung, Reebok, KIA, Guinness, etc.


Married to Natalia – my best friend in this life.


A smartphone startup that have grown to corporation. From the beginning, I was working so hard to design a new brand from scratch. I was leading design of the entire OnePlus company and working directly with CEO. Under very tight deadlines, I developed a brand style from scratch. My logo was chosen among 20 others made by other designers. Furthermore, I lead design of the web-site, product promo pages, forums, marketing campaigns, product visualization, front-end web-development, etc.


My first job abroad. At the second most profitable smartphone corporation in China. According to my achievements, I was invited by my manager Carl Pei to join the new company called OnePlus.


Started as a junior working part-time, was promoted to lead designer, since I graduated from the university. I was leading design direction, brand development and front-end development for the most of company products, as well as training staff.


Graduated with bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science. Received a highest mark on diploma defence with thesis “Experience Design of a CRM System”.


Hired as junior designer at xmlstudio. Vladivostok, Russia.


I was born in a small, romantic city called Vladivostok, located in the far east of Russia.


I’m not a person who calmly does the “tasks” and don’t question decisions. I’m hungry and unsatisfied. I can’t accept bad results. I demand a lot and want it right now. I’m obsessed with perfection. Sometimes I sit on a project for hours and weeks until every detail is perfect.

Don’t tell me “just let it go” or “take it easy”, because I can’t. I’m getting depressed when I do. This is not who I am.

And this is exactly where I find my fuel and purpose:

My work is the best thing I can do for this world. I find my greatest happiness when projects I contribute in influence millions of people’s lives.

Through all the hard things and difficult people, I find love and excitement.

Design philosophy

Design is a kind of a love expression to me.

True love isn’t selfish. It cares about you first and it doesn’t try to manipulate you. It just waits here for you once you’d need it. Unobtrusive. It doesn’t want to impress you, but it listens to you carefully and tries to understand you better. While there’re millions of life forms on earth, true love’s target is just to stay honest and pure with you.

When technology loves user first, user loves technology back.